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Do you insure home with underground oil tanks?


How many insurance companies do you represent?


What discounts do you offer?

We offer many discounts including some of the following: Multi-Policy Discount, Safe Driver Discount, Good Student Discount, Student Away at School Discount, Claim Free Discount, Mature Driver Discount, AAA Discount, Affinity Group Discount, Education Discount, Teacher Discount, Multi-Car Discount, Advance Quote Discount, New Home Discount, Home Renovation Discount, Non-Smoker Discount, Alarm Discount, Pay In Full Discount, Paperless Discount, EFT Discount.

If I have a claim do I contact you or the insurance company?

Of course we always recommend that you call us for any claim. However, you can also call the insurance company claims department directly if you wish.

Do you write insurance for homes at the shore?

Yes! Of course!

What is a hurricane deductible?

A hurricane deductible is your out of pocket expense for a claim on your homeowner’s insurance policy if the damage is the result of a named hurricane by the National Weather Service. Otherwise, your regular deductible applies. A hurricane deductible is usually reserved for homeowner’s insurance policies protecting a home near the ocean.

Can I purchase a home policy without a hurricane deductible?

Yes! We offer many policies that do not have a hurricane deductible.

Do you offer Life Insurance?

Yes! We represent many life insurance companies and can obtain competitive quotes from all of them.

Do you offer commercial auto insurance?

Yes! We represent many commercial insurance companies.

Can I make payments at your office?

Yes! All forms of payment are accepted.

Can I have my current insurance policies reviewed by one of your licensed staff?

Yes! That is what we do! All staff are licensed.

Can I service my policy online?

Yes! Once a client, you have access to your insurance policies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.